Anatomy of a Runner - Review

I just finished reading a great book called Anatomy for Runners, by Jay Dicharry. Wow, what a great book. The first section goes through biomechanics for runners, and gets pretty griddy on why runners get injured, and how to prevent or treat these injuries. He covers every major injury a runner confronts, and explains what many of us are doing wrong, and what we can do to correct ourselves. This part can get a bit technical, and I did find my eyes rolling in the back of my head at parts, but then Mr. Dicharry brings you back in with an example story, many of which would hit home to any runner.

The entire book is full of diagrams and pictures of proper form and posture and then, the last quater of the book shows you exactly what to do for preventive maintenance  as well as to treat many of the most common injuries that runner's face. I've already tried several out, and have seen a difference. The book only took me a day to read, and I highly recommend it to any runner! After all, you don't want to be part of the 87% of us that get injured, as Mr. Dicharry points out many times in the book!

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